Services Offered

  • Yard Cleaning Services- Cleaning out of heavy debris and weeds from yard, garden, and flower beds. Trimming and pruning of shrubs and bushes. Cleaning of hard surfaces.
  • Lawn Mowing- We will cut your lawn at your requested height or a height that will maintain the lawn's health as temperatures change during the season. Edging lawn at all sidewalks, driveways, and curbing, trimming grass around stationary objects and hard surface cleaning is part of each lawn mowing service.
  • Fertilizers and Weed Control-We recommend fertilizing to maintain a healthy lawn as lawn nutrients will be depleted as the season progresses. We offer preemergent weed and feed in the Spring, slow-release fertilizers during the warmer months, and a "winterizer" at the end of the season to give your lawn a boost next year. 
    • We offer season packages that include approximately five fertilizer applications during the season. Application charges will be added to the most current bill after each application. Weed control done throughout the season as needed as part of the package at no additional charge.
    • We offer fertilizer application and weed control per homeowner request throughout the season. Charges will be added to the most current bill per application.
  • Home Maintenance- We offer experience in most common home repair needs. We can give an over the phone or in-person free estimate.